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Universal Failings of the Human Condition:
A Tragic Descent into Unreality

This album was written and recorded in 2006 in Washington DC, and is deeply influenced by life in America during the latter days of George W. Bush's reign, as well as the writer's increasing fatuation with the oft tragic experiance of Southern History, which was being thuroughly investigated at the time. Most songs were recorded in a few all-night "brap" sessions of improvization. Editing and additional layers were then added to the existing tracks. No midi sequencing, other than for drums on track 1, was used in the writing of this album.

UFOTHC was mastered by Xavier Swafford in the fall of 2007. Released in January 2008. Availible here for free download.

1: Complete Loss of Vision 15:24 download
2: Requiem Pt 1 9:24 download
3: Requiem Pt 2 6:05 download
4: Requiem Pt 3 9:58 download
5: Requiem Pt 4 7:47 download
6: Don't Stop Screaming 19:41 download